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Eddie the girl dog

Just look at those eyes. How can you look in to them and not melt? Can you imagine a hard day at work and coming home to this look? Our Pet of the Week this week is Eddie.

Eddie is a girl dog of 7 years and she’s still full of energy. When you meet her, she leans her side and hind end into your legs, shifting her weight from paw to paw in a little dance meant to lure you into scratching her. She stares off into the distance, then turns her head back to look at you, the gleeful strain giving her eyes a wild look, as her tongue dangles from the corner of her mouth. You can’t say no to that and so you pet her and scratch her back.

When you stop, she bounds about in search of play. Pouncing left and right, woofing eagerly, trying to entice you to make a move. What would life be like if you adopted her? You picture her running in deep snowy fields on long walks through the countryside. You imagine her in the summer time following a misadventure in the mud. You’re washing her off with the hose, as she blissfully chomps at the spray. You imagine raking leaves in the fall, as Eddie bounds between the piles and tunnels into one, bursting up through the middle like a jack-in-the-box. All of this is as it should be for a dog of Eddie’s nature.

When her energy is spent, Eddie curls up to sleep like any other dog. It’s the perfect time to exchange calm affections. You pet her and Eddie slowly rolls to her side, her tail thumping against her bed. She lets out a tender little whine that scarcely expresses all the love that she feels inside yet describes it perfectly.

Pet of the Week

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Thorin the bunny

Thorin the Bunny

Today folks, we have Thorin. He’s a beautiful rabbit with a tragic start to life. He’s waiting patiently for his furever home and needs someone to love. If you’re interested in Thorin or any of the other adoptable pets at the Edmonton Humane Society, just contact them and the good folks there will be happy to help you.


Shortly after Thorin’s life began it nearly ended, at the bottom of a dumpster, where the person who had seen him into the world left him.

Thorin’s first impressions of people were defined by neglect and abandonment. At the time of his rescue and for a while afterwards, he was fearful and mistrusting of people. He wouldn’t bite or act violently; he simply became defensive, tensing and making fearful little noises when he felt threatened.

He was placed in foster care, where his devoted foster-mother worked with him daily, to build trust and show him that there are people in the world capable of providing love and attentive care. Slowly but surely,
Thorin came round and warmed to his foster mother. Gradually, he warmed to others, too.

When you visit Thorin, he doesn’t scurry into the blind of an enclosure. He doesn’t tense or become nervous. He watches you, inspecting your movement, listening for your voice, evaluating your intentions. Raise your hand and bring it slowly downward to his ears, which lie flat at rest, and he’ll let you pet him. As you gently caress his fur, a trustful bond is forged, and he lets you hold him.

Thorin’s eyes are the blue of a thickening dusk – a rare attribute for a rabbit. Each eye is circled by black fur, which at first camouflages their arresting appeal. To appreciate or even notice them, you must get closer, and to get closer you must’ve already built the requisite trust.
It’s almost a natural precautionary feature. Thorin needs assurances before he grants you an audience. But once he has and you’re permitted to gaze closely into the rare watery blue, you’re met with a gaze that stares back into you, in search of a reliable, life-long companion.

Animal ID: 66055
Name: Thorin
Age: Juvenile
Sex: Neutered male
Species: Rabbit
Breed: Short hair rabbit mix
Colour(s):  White with patches of black

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