Destination: Derby

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Destination: Derby Logo

I always enjoy the businesses I feature here. I get to meet interesting people and learn new things about what small businesses in Edmonton and area are doing. This week is no exception but is a little different.

Destination: Derby, founded in April 2013 by Sharyl Rains, is a not for profit league of roller derby players. They travel to play leagues across Canada and the United States, acting as ambassadors for the sport.

This group features players of varying degrees of experience and skill but they all have one important thing in common; enthusiasm. Win or lose, Destination: Derby is always striving towards personal growth and empowerment. A positive attitude and a willingness to commit are the biggest requirements to join. They take players of all skill levels and knowledge of the sport.

Currently, Destination: Derby is in a drive to raise funds for a 20-day tour across the United States to visit 13 – 16 leagues. The tour will take place from August 2 – 22, 2014. This need to raise money is important to the success of their tour and they welcome supporters of all levels. The only part that gets tedious, perhaps, is the need to organize such a trip. However, the knowledge that they will be meeting new people and learning new things in the coming months ahead relieves the tedium. So it is a minor inconvenience at best.

If you wish to know more about Destination: Derby you can contact them through their Facebook or Twitter pages. You can also email them at and if you still prefer voice to voice contact, their number is (780)458-2638. Please come and support or join this incredible team.


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Health awareness is coming into the public eye more and more as the Internet gives the public more access to information. Dendritelife offers access to micronutrient supplements believed to aid in personal health.

According to the World Health Organization, micronutrients are substances required in small amounts to help in the production of enzymes, hormones and other substances required for growth and development (see WHO website: Denritelife offers micronutrient supplements to customers as a means of improving personal health.

Denis Lefebvre has been involved with Denritelife for the past seven months now and is thrilled with the results he’s seen with this product. His hope is to make the product available to more people so they can experience the benefits for themselves.

If you wish to know more about Denritelife and micronutrients, please contact Lefebvre at 780-233-0914. You can order Denritelife products at

Denritelife is offering a free seminar as the co-formulator of EMPowerplus micronutrients Tony Stephan talks about this great discovery! Tuesday March 18 at 2pm & 7pm location Chateau Louis conference centre Edmonton, AB.

The Financial Guides

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A cartoon showing a male and female guide standing underneath a tree. The female is holding a map while the male holds a staff.

The Financial Guides

My family’s idea of financial planning was having enough left over from their paycheck to go to a movie. My parents were well-intentioned but raising four teenagers and one child (I was born when my siblings were entering their teen years. Oops) used up all their resources. As well, both of them grew up during the Depression and didn’t often consider money, instead they focused on physical resources such as food and shelter. As a  result, I didn’t learn money management until I was well into my adult years and faced down not one but two bankruptcies. Oops.

Tammy Johnston helps children learn to navigate the financial waters early and holistically. Through her series, Financial Foundation Books, Johnston helps children learn how to plan, ask intelligent questions and how to achieve goals. The work is beautifully depicted through the work of talented Calgary illustrator and designer, Janice Blaine. There are currently two sets available, the Foundation and the Grow series (each series has six books) and there are plans for more. As part of their commitment of support, $10 from every series sold goes to World Vision Canada to help with the Typhoon Haiyan Relief.

For the past 11 years, Johnston has taught children about finances. However, she also teaches adults and has a series of classes available to anyone who wishes to learn more. After 21 years as a financial advisor, Johnston loves being able to educate people about their financial power and enable them to have fiscal freedom. However, she is still frustrated by the complex nature of information available to consumers and its lack of honesty and simplicity. It is these frustrations that Johnston continues to work against.

Johnston has a full range of services available in her business, not just for children but for adults as well. You can phone her at (403) 257-6354 or go to her website for more information or to set up an appointment.

Remember, it’s never too early or too late to learn financial responsibility. After all, I did it.

The Resourceful Lady

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Laura Saueracker

Laura Saueracker

A good connection is worth its weight in gold in business. Therefore, those who can help create those connections become a valued asset to any company. Laura Saueracker, the owner of The Resourceful Lady, is one such gem.

The Resourceful Lady is about connections. Saueracker has been passionate about connecting people to each other that can bring growth and profits for over 10 years. A year and a half ago she decided to turn that passion into a business to great success. Today, The Resourceful Lady helps its clients grow their business through creating new connections.

The website has a number of features. For those working with a budget, there is a directory of businesses that provide contact information for a potential customer. The other service is the Recommended Providers. This one costs a bit more but provides more services. Saueracker invests more personal time into this service and treats it as though she’s making a personal introduction from one person to another. Recommended Providers are all companies that Saueracker has checked personally and feels comfortable recommending to potential customers. Recommended clients have a featured ad and a blog on the website for customers to peruse.

Saueracker has some advice for those wishing to use her services. Be involved in the process. While making good contacts is important to bringing in customers, it is not simply a sit back and wait situation. She recommends clients be active in their work with her and on the website to ensure maximum results.

Any business relies on good contacts to grow and increase profits. The Resourceful Lady helps making those connections easier and faster. A gem of a resource for any business.

Rebecca Lippiatt Photography

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A black and white photo of a girl on a bike in a fall streetscape

Girl on a Bike – Rebecca Lippiatt Photography

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” ― Marc Riboud

As a storyteller, I use words to build a company’s image. The company becomes a living entity and grows into something more that involves its owner, employees, clients and community. The company’s story is the heart central to its existence.

There is more than one way to tell a story.

Rebecca Lippiatt Photography uses living images to show the company’s story. It’s a difficult task because photos are static but life is not. Rebecca Lippiatt Photography captures that instance of life’s vibrancy and holds it still forever. This ability to capture a moment is vital to a business as it grows and expands.

A colour photo of a local Edmonton business and its employees

Business Photo – Rebecca Lippiatt Photography

Rebecca Lippiatt, the owner of Rebecca Lippiatt Photography, has been a photographer for most of her life and a professional photographer for the past seven years. Being able to capture the world through a camera’s lens is a talent she’s been blessed with and loves doing. Using light and setting, Lippiatt is able to bring out the best in people and bring their moments to life. While the move to doing corporate photography has been one that’s happened over the past year, she brings her experience and knowledge to the field.

Photography, though, is not without its challenges. It is a highly competitive market and keeping on top of that is difficult sometimes but Lippiatt uses social media and networking to stay in touch with the market and clients. Sometimes the challenge can be a client themselves.

Sitting in front of a camera to be captured for posterity for all time can be daunting and sometimes a client has a vision of what they believe they want to see. Lippiatt does her best to hold to that vision, but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. She advises anyone who is getting a  photo done, for any purpose, to listen to the photographer. Like any artist, the photographer likes the direction the client’s vision gives them but she knows how to bring that vision into being. Trust your photographer to bring the heart of your business into focus and capture it.

Rebecca Lippiatt Photography has a full range of services from real estate, headshots, industrial and editorial photography. Investing in a good photo to showcase your business is a wise marketing decision and Rebecca Lippiatt Photography can bring your company’s story into life. Capture those moments that are vital to your business.

Lippiatt also has a range of family and wedding photos available to see at She encourages you to browse them if you wish to see a wider range of her work.

Kalast – Reinventing Local Business

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Kalast company logo

Watch out, kids, there’s a new player in town and they’re looking pretty hot. Kalast is an incentivized marketing system designed to attract clients to businesses. They’ve streamlined the process and it’s looking pretty good.

We’ve all seen them. Websites that promise discounts if you click on their website. Unfortunately, many of them are scams and don’t work. Kalast, though, is different.

As business owners, attracting customers is key. We all have ideas on how to do it, but without the customers, there is no business. Kalast offers a solution. Kalast’s online platform gives business owners an opportunity to showcase their goods or services. They can display their business in any way they like with their own page displayed on Kalast. Kalast then shows off the businesses through Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, emails and sponsorship opportunities. Then customers click. KA-CHING!

The customer is then given a Kalast card, which the business accepts. This card holds lots of information. For example, if a business offers a discount, it’s on the card. The customer then redeems the discount and the business swipes the card. From there, the business can then create a repeat customer by offering them discounts unique to them and/or sending them email. This is just the beginning.

None of this matters if the business can’t keep track of who’s using Kalast to contact them. The Kalast card can allow the business to use Kalast’s analytics to show who’s seen their page and who’s used their services. Vital marketing information for any business.

So far, Kalast is doing very well. 80 local businesses use Kalast, offering discounts of varying sizes on their goods or services and they’ve just been in operation for about a year. This is more than just a marketing system, though. Christopher Moffat and Kalob Taulien, the owners of Kalast, are creating a small business community with the idea that there is more power as a group than an individual. Kalast’s customers are small business owners and, individually, they command a small market share. However, together, they can generate a far bigger slice of the market pie.

Kalast is an up and comer and promises very good things for their customers. This is one to get in on the ground floor with.

Madalayna Spa

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Nails by Madalayna Spa

Nails by Madalayna Spa

Well, it’s the new year and time for a new look. Perhaps a little pampering after the long holiday season. Madalayna Spa has been open in south Terwillegar for a little more than a year and has a deft hand with nails (excuse the pun).

Jill Mattiello is the owner and brains behind Madalayna Spa and she enjoys her work immensely. It is, perhaps, a small thing to get a manicure or pedicure. Something most of us indulge in on occasion. Mattiello sees it a bit differently. It’s an opportunity to pamper and feel pretty. Sometimes her clients are self-conscious or stressed. She deftly takes their plain nails and turns them into works of art.

If there’s one piece of advice Mattiello can give it’s moisturize. Edmonton can be pretty dry and plays hell with the skin. She can work her magic but to get a full benefit from the manicure or pedicure, moisturizing cannot be overstated.

Madalayna Spa also offers a wide range of products in their online store for those who wish to do a bit of touch up at home. Mattiello is currently taking new clients and you can either email or phone her at 780.242.1917 to book an appointment.

Nail art by Madalayna Spa in a sunrise and flowers theme

Nail art by Madalayna Spa in a sunrise and flowers theme

It’s time to take a moment for ourselves and enjoy some pampering. Madalayna Spa is happy to help you do just that. Bring in the new year right.

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