Before I begin, let me be clear about something; I loathe the Tyrant in Office, Molesty the Clown otherwise known as Donald Trump. My feelings for him go back to the 80s when he stole those kids from the only responsible parent they knew, Ivana. Okay, saying Ivana was responsible is something but she was a damn sight better than Donald and even as a teen I knew it. So before I start, let me say I can’t stand him.

Nor am I a big fan of Melania. At best I find her to be the kind of twit I would pull passive-aggressive shit on at parties just to emphasize her twithood. I’m not a nice person sometimes and I’m okay with that. Especially when it comes to twits. However, I find I need to speak out about recent events.

When Melania first appeared next to Captain Orange after he became president, I found myself watching her closely. Two things caught my attention. First, there is a muscle in her neck that seems to bulge whenever she’s around him. I know that muscle. It pops out on me whenever I’m around someone I can’t stand but I can’t say anything to make them go away. Second, no matter what she’s doing; smiling, laughing, talking, standing; her eyes are flat. Believe me, I know that look.

When I first started watching her, I began saying I believed she was being abused. People laughed. The list of things they said was alarming.

  • She was in the marriage for the money.
  • She knew what she was doing.
  • She could leave.
  • She deserved what she got.
  • No sympathy because she’s wealthy.
  • Donald wouldn’t abuse her, he’s rich.
  • She doesn’t look abused.
  • She doesn’t act abused.

The list goes on. What it all boiled down to was because of her new position as First Lady, she couldn’t be abused but if she was, she deserved it. There were no signs of abuse so she couldn’t be in an abusive situation. Lastly, each and every person said she could leave at any time but didn’t because of the money.

The look in her eyes, though, told me something different. This was the look of a woman being held hostage by an abusive husband. I knew that look and every abuse survivor has seen it in the mirror far too many times. It doesn’t matter if the abuse is from a spouse, a parent, a coach or a sibling. It’s the look that has given up and believes there is no way out.

Yet people said she could leave if she really wanted to because she was rich. Really? If she leaves him, what happens to her son? I don’t know of a single mother who wouldn’t go through hell to ensure their child’s well being. Ivana already proved that Donald was ruthless when it came to the children. Why would Melania believe her situation was different? It took me 48  years to be able to say the words, “I was abused.” I don’t think it would be any easier for Melania whose situation is far more precarious than mine.

Then, suddenly, she goes in for a mysterious “kidney” operation. At first I joined in the jokes. It was the nervous laughter of someone who knows things have gone horribly wrong and aren’t likely to get better.

Now…. nothing….

No one has seen or heard from Melania since her “operation” except for one very suspicious tweet that was an almost clone of Donald’s tweets. Pointing to empty windows. Where is Melania?

It doesn’t matter. I’m not the only one who has wondered about her situation and whispered about possible abuse. Now those whispers are growing louder. What alarms me, though, is the reaction to it. Everyone seems to think this is a great joke. That this suspicious event is something to have a laugh over.

Here’s my question; if Melania were your neighbor or coworker, would you still be laughing? If your child’s teacher mysteriously went for an operation and then disappeared, would you be joking about it?

I don’t care what you think about any of the Trumps. I don’t care if you’re convinced they can turn water into wine or if they’re the biggest steaming piles of shit on the heap. A woman is missing. Can we talk about that now?