I planted some sunflower seeds just off my patio recently. Sunflowers are the perpetually happy flower. Those and dandelions. I don’t know what it is about them but they remind me of smiles and sunshine. When I look at them I can’t help but be happy for the moment.

Which is a good thing because I seem to need it more right now. Events in the world have me confused, scared and sad. It’s hard enough for my brain to wrap itself around normal human behavior but recently my brain has given up completely trying to understand.

When I first heard about Brock Turner from a letter the victim wrote I was outraged. Then I saw postings on social media and I became confused. Why was everyone upset about this when this exact same scenario had been recurring for decades before Turner was even born? This event was nothing new and when the fury dies down from it, it will occur again and again. Why, then, the anger now? Where is the anger for all the other women who have suffered the same situation?

Then I heard about a mass killing in an Orlando gay nightclub and my heart sank. For years the gay community has been trying its best to become mainstream and accepted even as politicians try to legalize hate. The LGBTQ community continues to live in fear and no one seemed to care.

Worse than that, many have cried out for stricter gun laws in the United States for years and the NRA scream that rights are being violated. Guess what? People are dying. That’s more important than your need to play John Wayne. Murder trumps all.

Among all this chaos is Donald Trump spewing hate and inciting his followers to violence. Didn’t we see all this in Nazi Germany? Didn’t we hear the same rhetoric from Stalin? There are others like him, you know but no one wants to see.

I have to believe there’s hope in all this, though. I look outside and see my little sunflowers struggling to survive and dandilions stretching up to catch the sun. It’s then I think about those little bits of happiness that Mother Nature has given me. Maybe there’s a path through all this. I have to believe there is.