We all want to have some explanation for the things that happen in our lives. When something good happens, we attribute it to being rewarded for our good deeds. When something bad happens, we seek out reasons such as being punished by deities or evil rampant in the world.

What we don’t want to face is the idea that there are no reasons. No excuses. No rewards. No karma. No gods punishing or rewarding us. If we continue to look for order in a chaotic world, we can pretend we fit in. That there’s a reason for our existence and the things that happen to us.

That’s all a lie.

I know that sounds harsh and probably it is. However, I firmly believe that humans as a species cannot evolve until we get rid of the fairy tale that things happen for a reason.

I remember reading the Conan graphic comics as a youth. I was disturbed by Conan’s god, Crom. A cold and heartless god, he refused to help the people who worshiped him. Yet, they remained loyal to him. Why?

Crom kept their loyalty because he kept them strong. He didn’t swoop down and rescue them every time they got into trouble. He expected his people to rescue themselves with the gifts he’d given them. Sometimes they survived, sometimes they didn’t. Whatever the outcome, though, it was up to the humans to get through not some god to bail them out.

We humans have been given all the tools we need to survive and thrive. Brains, bodies, the ability to plan, socialization… the list goes on. When we stop attributing things to gods or luck, we learn to rely on those tools we’ve been given through thousands of years of existence.

I’m not saying dump your spirituality by the wayside. Believe in your gods. Love your gods. Talk to your gods as you wish. However, I am saying that when you expect your gods to bail you out of every situation you remain a spiritual infant. It is now time to grow up and stop expecting that prayers and spells are going to be the answers to our troubles.

Sometimes bad things happen and we cry or scream or rage. Sometimes good things happen and we cheer or celebrate or laugh. To sit idly by and mumble to deities to fix things for us does us a disservice. Spells and prayers are meant to be a communion with your god. Not a free delivery service to make your life perfect.

If good things are happening to you, then share them with the world. Enjoy them and remember them. Count the blessings you have every day. Look at your loved ones and tell them they’re loved and cherished.

If bad things are happening to you, share them with the world. Let those who love you be your strength. Rely on science and medicine to help you through. Cloak yourself in your blessings so they can be an armor against the battle you face.

Whatever the situation is, don’t simply rely on your god to get you through. You have tools and abilities and resources at hand. Use them. Do something. By doing so, you grow into a spiritual adult.