So fucking angry. This is the problem with Christmas.

So I write erotica on Fiverr. A 750 word story costs $5 with a 48 hour turnaround. A 1000 word story is an extra $20 (because at that point I want to earn a few bucks). That’s pretty damn good considering I have a 95% positive review rate by my clients. I’m a damn good writer and I know it.

Okay. So here’s what happened.

A client contacted me saying she wanted a gift for her husband. She set out the storyline, sent a picture of her and her husband and gave me their names. She wanted a 1000 word story for $5 with a 24 hour turnaround. I said no. I explained that this money would go to Christmas for me and that the work I did deserved a fair price. I explained that a 750 word story is $5 and a 1000 word story is $20 extra.

Let me explain. Anyone who writes knows there is a huge difference between a 500, a 750 and a 1000 word story. The numbers don’t mean much. After all, how much difference can 250 words make? The answer is, a lot. It can change how the plot goes drastically and can mean more time in pre-writing development of the story. Believe me, that extra $20 is worth it.

So, the client ordered the 750 word story and still demanded a 24 hour turnaround. Gritting my teeth, I moved an appointment so I could get the story to her within the time frame. I delivered the story and then sat back to wait for her review which meant payment was coming.

What she did next floored me.

I have a note on the gig that I’m happy to do edits. Two of them, specifically, to ensure the client gets what they want. Not a bad bang for 5 bucks, huh?

I received a message from Fiverr stating that the client wanted to cancel the gig. WHAT?!?! I screamed? I worked hard on that story to get it to her when she wanted. She claimed it was poor quality and wasn’t going to pay for it.

Here’s what actually happened.

I’m a rather naïve and trusting person sometimes. Why would anyone want to scam me? I looked into the account after this incident and saw there was zero information. Hmmm… I looked closer. They claimed to be from India. Yet the picture they sent was of a white couple (who very clearly were not in India). Um… excuse me?

So, lesson learned? Not everyone on the Internet is as nice as I am. You get the assholes who will try to scam $5 out of you despite the fact that you need that $5.

Be careful out there. People like this really do exist.