This week I’m giving my What the Hell moments. Those moments when you stop and just want to say, “what the hell?”

  • I have a nice ass. Okay, what the hell gives here? I’ve never liked my ass and go through a great deal to hide or ignore it. Then, when I actually take a look at it, there it is looking all round and cute.
  • Ashley-Madison Scandal. What the hell? Why can’t people figure out that who does what with whom is none of their damn business? Just because you have social media does not mean you get the right to dictate everyone’s morality. Guess what? You don’t even have the right to voice your opinion. Not your marriage. Not your life. Keep out. Now there are two people who have committed suicide all because people couldn’t figure out what was or wasn’t their business.
  • Birds. I’ve taken to feeding birds on my patio. They’re cute, harmless little creatures that flit around bringing sunshine and sprinkles into our lives. Oh hell they aren’t. These are the descendants of raptors. They’re little pigs that think nothing of beating each other up over some bird seed. What the hell?
  • Misha Collins. I discovered that some assholes took it upon themselves to try to beat up and rob Misha Collins. What the hell? Okay, sometimes I find him a bit smarmy but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a genuinely nice guy. No one deserves that, least of all Misha. I was heartened to see the Supernatural family come together to give him their good wishes and support.
  • Chives. I love chives and in a moment of non-gardener brilliance, I decided to plant TWO chive plants. Don’t do this. I now have enough chives to last me the next five years and the gardening season isn’t quite over yet. What the hell?
  • Neighbours. I live in a low-income building. I work very hard to better myself and my situation (thus the exercising and gardening). However, I have neighbours who don’t. Now, I don’t judge that. If you want to sleep and gossip and have that as your life, that’s your business. What stuns me is their active endeavors to block my efforts to better the situation around here. What the hell? You don’t want a better life so no one else can, either? Way to go.

These are the only What the Hell moments I can think of right now. I do invite you to use the comments to add your own What the Hell moments. Sometimes just getting them out is the only thing you can do.