I’m not a fan of PETA. Never have been. I find them to be nothing more than self-righteous bullies. While I do agree there are people who abuse animals and need to be stopped, I don’t think it’s as widespread as they believe it to be nor do I agree with the tactics they use.

Recently, I got an eyeful of this;

PETA-Fat-ShamingWow. Who thinks this up?

On their own website, they say on PETA blog,

“Our phone lines ring off the hook with reports of “beached whale sightings.” Good one, guys.”

When I confronted PETA on their Twitter feed, they had this to say;

PETA Twitter Response

So let’s just forget the whole thing happened, right? Just keep walking, nothing to see here. Instead, the billboard was removed but that doesn’t stop PETA from giving themselves a pat on the back about the whole thing.

I went to their website to discover what other fat-shaming ads they have and it turns out that PETA brings fat shaming to a whole new level. Here’s one telling you that you’re abusing your kids;

childabuseAD300Let’s ignore the fact that children have very specific nutritional needs that may not be met by veganism. I won’t go there. I’m not a parent. However, telling someone that unless you’re a vegan, you’re abusing your kids is over the line.

Let’s throw in this ad that not only includes fat shaming but throws in a bit of transgender abuse as well.


One of my friends has a saying, “mama don’t judge.” I don’t know why that man has the physique he does. Perhaps he’s transitioning. Let’s not judge, shall we?

How about this ad calling fat people pigs?


Pigs are delicious. Therefore, I am delicious. Let’s go with that.

So this is an organization that says that it protects animal rights then uses those same animals as insults to those who are obese. Whales, pigs, cows, it’s all there on their PETA Website Media. Go take a look. This isn’t some past abuse they hurled once and then stopped. This is ongoing and no one is calling PETA out on this shit.

I have decided, then, to take back what PETA is hurling at me. They’ve called me a whale. A whale is a magnificent, beautiful creature. Therefore, I am a whale and I’m damn proud of it. I urge you to go onto PETA’s Twitter feed and tell them you’re #ProudToBeaWhale. Don’t let PETA get away with this crap.