Let’s play pretend. Okay, here’s your part; you work in a job that’s equal parts tedious and confusing. It’s not a job you chose, you were sent to this place and told you’ll work there for at least the next decade. Quitting isn’t an option nor is changing jobs as all the jobs are essentially the same with a precious few that are beyond your reach. You work in an office with at least 50 other people, overcrowded in cubicles in a room meant to hold no more than 20.

Love your new job yet?

During the day you’re given tasks to do. You’re told these tasks will make you a better worker and better able to do your job. So, like a good worker, you do the tasks during the day with mixed results. If you do a task badly, be prepared to have your boss hold it up as an example to the rest of your co-workers. You’re not allowed to complain about that humiliation, complaints have to be taken to your family who will then deal with your boss and negotiate your complaint without your input.

At the end of the day, you’re packing up to go home when your boss appears and tells you and your 50 co-workers that there’s work to be taken home. This work will take an extra 1 – 3 hours. If it’s the weekend, expect an additional 4 – 6 hours of work. The longer you’ve been with the company, the more work gets sent home with you. By the way, you’re not paid for this work. This work doesn’t add to the company’s productivity, you’re told you’re doing it for “personal growth.” However, the information you’re gaining in this work isn’t anything you can actually use to get ahead in the company.

On top of all this, your boss has to double check your work. Not just yours but the work of your 50 co-workers as well. Remember, this work doesn’t add to company productivity, it’s only for personal growth. This means both you and your boss sacrifice hours a week of family and leisure time on work that will go in the garbage. You’re learning that what you do matters very little to your boss or the company. It’s make-work. If you question why you’re doing this work, you’re told it’s because this is how it’s always been done.

You can quit working but no matter where you end up in life, as a beggar or billionaire, you will always be known as the person who quit their job. It will always colour your relationships and everything you do. You are the quitter. Every action you take will be attributed to you quitting your job.

Who wants to sign up for this?

Now, let’s add in your socialization with your co-workers. You might be popular which entails committing more of your precious free time to their activities. This has benefits but remember you have a family which wants your time, as well. Or, you might be one of those workers who isn’t popular. Now you get to put up with bullying which you can’t report or the situation will get worse. Last, you might be a loner which leads the boss and your family to get together to send you to the company psychologist because, after all, you’re not normal if you’re a loner.

Like to play golf? Go to movies? Take that time out of the time you’re spending with your family or get to just spend with yourself. By the time you fall into bed at night, you’re exhausted and you get to do it all over again.

This is the school life we subject kids to day in and day out for at least 12 years of their lives. We subject them to this nonsense, crap we adults would never put up with, without their input or asking their opinion. It’s no myth that play teaches kids far more than rote memorization. As a matter of fact, rote memorization is probably the worst learning method there is available. Yet, we subject our children to this without a second thought because this is the way it’s always been done.

Think it’s time to re-evaluate our education system?