Dog and soldier look at a monument to animal veteransToday’s blog is going to be very short. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, when we take time to thank those who put themselves on the line to fight for our freedom. I am proud to include my father and grandfather in that list. However, there is a veteran that goes largely unremembered. Not because we don’t appreciate them but because they quietly and enthusiastically do their job. We simply don’t notice them because they’re so good at their jobs that we often don’t see them.

Our animal veterans.

Throughout history animals have fought wars by our side. Dogs, horses, pigeons and more have helped carry us, protect us, send our messages and simply fought with us. They are just as worthy of remembrance as their human counterparts. They’ve laid their lives on the line and endured trauma alongside their human companions. They deserve as much respect as our human soldiers.

So, on November 11th, when you take a moment to remember all those soldiers who fought so we could have a country as great as we do, please take a moment to remember their animal companions.

They deserve to be remembered, too.