This last week has been an interesting one and I’ve been trying to see the common thread in all of it. There’s no one event that sticks out in my mind but what has been circling around in my head is the thought that other people somehow believe they have a right to tell you how to live your life. My dad always said the person who pays the bills makes the rules and I don’t see anyone paying my bills. So let’s take a look at this past week, shall we?

On Twitter the big news has been AUPE suing Kathleen Smith for her role in admonishing their actions during their strike against Artspace. Kikki, as she’s known on Twitter, put up links to videos showing union people doing disgusting and horrible things to disrupt the lives of those living in Artspace. I supported Kikki, knowing she never tweets any information she hasn’t thoroughly researched beforehand. It seems to me that AUPE, who has never admitted to their members performing these acts despite evidence saying otherwise, wants to tell Kikki how to behave on Twitter. Um. Yeah. Good luck with that. I’ll stand over here outside the blast zone. Let me know how it works out for you.

Another item to come across my field of interest was a column offering business advice. Usually these are pretty good and I enjoy reading them. This one, though, had a bit that irritated me. The advice was to get rid of emails ending in I don’t know why it irritated me at the time just that it did. This is another well-meaning person hiding behind the guise of “I know better than you” and doesn’t bother to stop to think what they’re actually saying.

I asked about this particular statement and protested, saying that many businesses are bootstrapping and can’t afford their own domain. The response I got was that no Fortune 500 used gmail. This seemed incredibly funny to me. I’m not a Fortune 500 nor do I plan on being. There are lots of businesses who don’t even have email (a friend’s carpentry company comes to mind) that do just fine without having their own domain on their email. I don’t plan on behaving like a Fortune 500 company because it would be silly to do so.

It’s no surprise to any of my readers that I suffer from anxiety. I had someone ask me some questions about anxiety which I don’t mind answering at all. I know how to deal with my anxiety and sometimes people are curious. This particular person, though, had other ideas. According to this person, I was not only faking it but if I just “grew a set” and “sucked it up” I could “be a real person” (the quotes are from their correspondence). This person then went on to tell me that because I’d never been in battle I couldn’t have anxiety.

I’d love to respond to the stupidity of that but I just give a little giggle and move on.

So that’s been my week. A little insanity, a little pompousness and a lot of playing the fool. I don’t know if there’s a lesson in all of this but it’s been an adventure. I support Kikki, as I always have, and continue doing business despite being straddled with anxiety. Another week starts and another new adventure begins.