I have to admit that I find online trolls somewhat amusing. I know I’m not supposed to, they’re as annoying as mites and about as useful, but I find their inanity funny. The best ones are the ones who are desperately trying to be serious but are just being ridiculous.

Internet trolls are like bedbugs. You’re never really sure where you got them, even the cleanest home can get them and they’re damn hard to get rid of without flame. So, when my favorite Twitter personality, Kathleen Smith (@kikkiplanet), otherwise known as Kikki, got an infestation of trolls I was intrigued. I could see she was frustrated but I wanted to see how she would handle this problem.

I’m a huge fan of Kikki’s and I make no bones about it. I’ve seen her reduce a corrupt politician to a mass of quivering goo in 140 characters and not break a sweat. She uses logic, truth and a great deal of research in her tweets to demand answers from those in power. Plus she’s got a great sense of humour. When something’s up, I watch Kikki’s tweets avidly and then make a break for the nearest news website.

When Kikki attracted some Twitter trolls, though, I knew she’d be in for a ride. Kikki uses facts and logic as her weapons in a fight. Facts and logic bounce off a troll as easily as loonies off strippers. The only way to get rid of a troll is to ignore them or to amuse yourself with them for a while. My favorite way to annoy them is to spew random lines from literature, musicals or movies until they go away. It’s great fun as they get so angry you can almost see the smoke rising from their ears.

Eventually the trolls left Kikki alone and she returned to her usual fierce dissection of Alberta politics. I do feel a bit sorry for the next set of trolls that try Kikki’s patience, though. She’s not one to suffer fools quietly and, while logic and facts didn’t work this time, she learns fast. I’m fairly certain that the next time there’s trolls on the horizon, there will be barbequed troll on the menu. Personally, I want a front row seat to see that.

Addendum; On a more serious note, I do respect and love Kikki. Without her 140 character tweets, much of the corruption that’s been going on in the Alberta Legislature would have slipped by many of us. It was Kikki that started asking questions about expense accounts and MLA behaviour. We need more like Kikki.