Alison Redford looking up at ceiling as she resigns from office

Alison Redford

I am sending out a call to all Albertans. To the left is the iconic picture of Alison Redford during her resignation speech. I want everyone who reads this blog to take this picture and caption it.


Redford’s contempt for the role to which we elected her continues to grow to unbelievable proportions and we Albertans keep putting up with it. There’s no answers coming out of either the Legislature or the PCs. Alberta’s journalists are trying to do their part, asking questions that need to be answered but that’s only a small part of the equation. Our elected officials should be rattling their cages in response to her disappearance.

However, she’s not really gone, is she?

Nope. We know exactly where Redford is. She’s in Palm Springs. So Redford calls sick into work and then plays hooky. Okay. We’ve all done it. Turned a three-day weekend into a four-day one, take a quick trip out of town, maybe party a little too much. If you really want to play the sympathy for the devil card, Redford was probably humiliated by her bum’s rush out of the Premier’s office. A few days away from work is good for a bruised soul.

Even if that’s the way you want to go, enough is enough. We Albertans are still footing her paycheck. If I, or any other Albertan, screwed up at work so phenomenally that we got demoted then decided not to show up for work, we wouldn’t have a job. So why is it that Redford still has her job and is still pulling in a paycheck? From Palm Springs yet.

So let’s see, while Redford suns herself in Palm Springs and licks her wounds, homeless in Alberta worry about where they will sleep tonight. While she plays a round of golf and works off her stress, children go without meals. And while she enjoys her rest, Alberta non-profit organizations strain to keep those living in poverty from drowning under the weight of needs they can’t possibly meet. Businesses raise their prices so they can pay taxes to cover her paycheck. Needed infrastructure goes ignored so that money can be diverted to her paycheck.

But that’s okay. The poor girl needs a vacation.

That’s why I ask all Albertans to take the above picture and caption it. Post it to your social media, letting the Alberta Legislature know how you feel. Perhaps if this gets turned into a meme, they’ll listen. Gods know they haven’t listened to anything else.