Destination: Derby Logo

I always enjoy the businesses I feature here. I get to meet interesting people and learn new things about what small businesses in Edmonton and area are doing. This week is no exception but is a little different.

Destination: Derby, founded in April 2013 by Sharyl Rains, is a not for profit league of roller derby players. They travel to play leagues across Canada and the United States, acting as ambassadors for the sport.

This group features players of varying degrees of experience and skill but they all have one important thing in common; enthusiasm. Win or lose, Destination: Derby is always striving towards personal growth and empowerment. A positive attitude and a willingness to commit are the biggest requirements to join. They take players of all skill levels and knowledge of the sport.

Currently, Destination: Derby is in a drive to raise funds for a 20-day tour across the United States to visit 13 – 16 leagues. The tour will take place from August 2 – 22, 2014. This need to raise money is important to the success of their tour and they welcome supporters of all levels. The only part that gets tedious, perhaps, is the need to organize such a trip. However, the knowledge that they will be meeting new people and learning new things in the coming months ahead relieves the tedium. So it is a minor inconvenience at best.

If you wish to know more about Destination: Derby you can contact them through their Facebook or Twitter pages. You can also email them at and if you still prefer voice to voice contact, their number is (780)458-2638. Please come and support or join this incredible team.