Laura Saueracker

Laura Saueracker

A good connection is worth its weight in gold in business. Therefore, those who can help create those connections become a valued asset to any company. Laura Saueracker, the owner of The Resourceful Lady, is one such gem.

The Resourceful Lady is about connections. Saueracker has been passionate about connecting people to each other that can bring growth and profits for over 10 years. A year and a half ago she decided to turn that passion into a business to great success. Today, The Resourceful Lady helps its clients grow their business through creating new connections.

The website has a number of features. For those working with a budget, there is a directory of businesses that provide contact information for a potential customer. The other service is the Recommended Providers. This one costs a bit more but provides more services. Saueracker invests more personal time into this service and treats it as though she’s making a personal introduction from one person to another. Recommended Providers are all companies that Saueracker has checked personally and feels comfortable recommending to potential customers. Recommended clients have a featured ad and a blog on the website for customers to peruse.

Saueracker has some advice for those wishing to use her services. Be involved in the process. While making good contacts is important to bringing in customers, it is not simply a sit back and wait situation. She recommends clients be active in their work with her and on the website to ensure maximum results.

Any business relies on good contacts to grow and increase profits. The Resourceful Lady helps making those connections easier and faster. A gem of a resource for any business.