A black and white photo of a girl on a bike in a fall streetscape

Girl on a Bike – Rebecca Lippiatt Photography

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” ― Marc Riboud

As a storyteller, I use words to build a company’s image. The company becomes a living entity and grows into something more that involves its owner, employees, clients and community. The company’s story is the heart central to its existence.

There is more than one way to tell a story.

Rebecca Lippiatt Photography uses living images to show the company’s story. It’s a difficult task because photos are static but life is not. Rebecca Lippiatt Photography captures that instance of life’s vibrancy and holds it still forever. This ability to capture a moment is vital to a business as it grows and expands.

A colour photo of a local Edmonton business and its employees

Business Photo – Rebecca Lippiatt Photography

Rebecca Lippiatt, the owner of Rebecca Lippiatt Photography, has been a photographer for most of her life and a professional photographer for the past seven years. Being able to capture the world through a camera’s lens is a talent she’s been blessed with and loves doing. Using light and setting, Lippiatt is able to bring out the best in people and bring their moments to life. While the move to doing corporate photography has been one that’s happened over the past year, she brings her experience and knowledge to the field.

Photography, though, is not without its challenges. It is a highly competitive market and keeping on top of that is difficult sometimes but Lippiatt uses social media and networking to stay in touch with the market and clients. Sometimes the challenge can be a client themselves.

Sitting in front of a camera to be captured for posterity for all time can be daunting and sometimes a client has a vision of what they believe they want to see. Lippiatt does her best to hold to that vision, but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. She advises anyone who is getting a  photo done, for any purpose, to listen to the photographer. Like any artist, the photographer likes the direction the client’s vision gives them but she knows how to bring that vision into being. Trust your photographer to bring the heart of your business into focus and capture it.

Rebecca Lippiatt Photography has a full range of services from real estate, headshots, industrial and editorial photography. Investing in a good photo to showcase your business is a wise marketing decision and Rebecca Lippiatt Photography can bring your company’s story into life. Capture those moments that are vital to your business.

Lippiatt also has a range of family and wedding photos available to see at www.dragonflyphotography.ca. She encourages you to browse them if you wish to see a wider range of her work.