My Internet connection just told me it’s -23 C outside. This does not make me happy.

I’ve agreed to go to the Capital Ideas event “The Art of the Sale“. I’m looking forward to being there, don’t get me wrong. I just wish I could have a comfy, warm bubble to travel there in. As it is, I’ll be taking Edmonton Transit and letting someone else do the driving.

You sure I can’t just do this from my nice, warm, soft, comfy bed?

I like to meet people, I just don’t like the cold and -20C is my cut off point. I’m okay until it reaches that temperature then I’m whinier than a 3 year old whacked out on a post-Christmas sugar rush. Except without the chocolate.

One of the great things about this business is I get to do it from home. 90% of my business is done via computer and that allows me the luxury of setting my own rules. I can do my client’s work at 3 am in my pjs if I like. A severe bone of contention when working for other people.

Still, it’s -23 C outside.

One of the sacrifices you make for your own business is doing some stuff you really don’t want to do. Like going outside in -23 C weather. I suppose I could move to Florida but then I’d have hurricanes to complain about and I dislike the rain.

So, today I’ll bundle warm, take something to read or do on the bus and bring hot chocolate. I get to go out and meet people and learn about “The Art of the Sale”. All very fun things to do.

Still it’s -23 C outside.