Feliks 53284

Feliks the cat from the Edmonton Humane Society.

Well, folks, another Pet of the Week from the Edmonton Humane Society. This week we have a real cutie, Feliks. He’s adorable and a real cuddler. He’s waiting for his furever home at the Edmonton Humane Society.

Animal ID: 53284

Name: Feliks

Age: 2 years 4 months

Sex: neutered male

Species: cat

Breed: domestic short hair

Colour(s):  orange & white tabby

Our Pet of the Week is Feliks, a stunning 2-year-old orange & white tabby with expansive golden eyes. Being the centre of attention is the essence of Feliks’ personality and his good looks are the initial lure.
Feliks will vie for your affections by rubbing against you and making sure you think he’s the only cat in the room. And on this front, he will succeed. His flattery commands all of your attention. As you stroke his fur, he dramatizes the full effect the contact, voicing his pleasure through the sleek language of his feline build in motion.
He stretches outs and spreads his paws. His back arches and he traces your hands and stomach with his head, which tilts to one side with eyes closed, eliminating one sense to maximize another, it seems.
All the while, his tail moves in staccato bursts and gentle arcs, like a conductor’s baton directing music that’s felt deeply by the both of you, not heard. The resounding volume of this silence speaks loudly for all that Feliks feels in the company of a kind and attentive person. How wonderful it is to be held in such high regard.

Included in the adoption fee:

– Spay/Neuter surgery (done before being placed up for adoption)

– Microchipping

– First set of vaccines

– Complimentary post-adoption vet exam