Trees covered in snow

Trees covered in snow

I always greet the first snowfall with wonder and awe. The 31st snowfall is usually met with grumbling and mild rage, but the first is sort of magical.

Winter arrived in our city over the weekend and, with it, we move into winter mode. We put away our flip-flops with some sadness and break out the moon boots. For those of us who are entrepreneurs, it means accepting that business attire gives way to practicality. However, winter does not need to be the bleak prospect many of us see it as. This season can be an opportunity to grow and expand our businesses. I’d like to offer a few tips on how to survive the Edmonton winter as an entrepreneur.

  • Embrace winter – We live in Edmonton. Winter is a fact of life so why not have fun with it? Have an event at a tea house (there are several very good ones in Edmonton) where you can sit in a cozy nook with a warm cup of tea or even a hot chocolate. Yum.
  • Christmas is coming – Okay, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. As a witch, I’m one of them. However, everyone loves Christmas treats. You can get a box of those little candy canes and keep them with you to hand out with your business cards. Perhaps put a little ribbon on your card. That involves getting a bit crafty, but it’s fun and gets you noticed.
  • Be safe – One problem with winter is the hazard it creates. Driving is just one problem. During the first snowfall we all dread those drivers who take unnecessary chances or who drive too cautiously and back up traffic. Walk paths are another problem. Keep yours clear. Salt them if necessary. Kitty litter works great as a way to make a sidewalk less slippery. The cold presents another problem. In Edmonton, the temperature can go from a balmy 0 to -20 at the drop of a hat. I went in to a meeting and it was a nice -5. Not too cold so I didn’t dress for the weather. When I came out, a blizzard started up and the temperature had dropped considerably. That’s Alberta weather. Wait five minutes and it’ll change.


  • Winter is a slow time – the tendency in Edmonton is to take the time over Christmas to clean house, so to speak. Take a look at what has happened over the past year and what you’d like to have happen for the next year. It’s a good time to update company marketing strategies or reconfirm client contacts. This is the time of year when we get rid of the old and figure out what isn’t working. We revitalize our companies with new strategies and ideas.

As we face another winter in Canada, we have an opportunity to take this time to reflect on our past year and move our businesses forward in the new year. Winter does not have to be a dreary endurance test but can be fun and fulfilling.