This is Sheldon, Edmonton Humane Society's Pet of the Week


Welcome again, everyone. A last minute post because I think this is important. I have decided to feature a pet from the Edmonton Humane Society who is looking for a furever home.

This week we have Sheldon

Sheldon (69373) is a loving orange tabby who’s friendly as can be. His wide-eye gaze and pronounced white muzzle give him an adorable look for his friendly demeanor. Like other cats, Sheldon won’t pass up a good nap. But he’s never so asleep that he’ll pass up any love and affection. With a bit of human contact, his fluffy orange tail begins swatting back and forth, lightly and blissfully. Sheldon was brought to the EHS because his previous owner had allergies. He’s a great cat who will make a wonderful pet and a fine addition to your home. Edmonton Humane Society Pet of the Week

Sheldon is a year and a half old neutered male waiting for a home at the Edmonton Humane Society. If you want to know more about Sheldon or other animals waiting for adoption, just contact the great folks at the Edmonton Humane Society.


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