A tree in Edmonton full of fall foliage

A beautiful tree full of fall foliage in Edmonton

Robin Williams is my hero.

So, I did as all hero worshippers do and tweeted him to come and read my blog. Well, it makes sense to me. Of course, if he’s read a word I’ve written, I have no way of knowing it. I hope he has read this. How else will he know how amazing of a writer I am?

We all have heroes in our lives. People that save us from the world or sometimes from ourselves. This season is the time to reflect on our lives and be thankful for our blessings. As the year draws slowly to a close, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve done over the year and thank those who helped us get here. I’d like to take a moment and do just that.

  • Microbusiness Training Centre – I first approached them in 2012 but got nervous. After all, I wasn’t a business owner I’m just a storyteller. Then, in 2013, I finally grew a set and showed back up on their doorstep. They didn’t judge me or laugh, they welcomed me in to the next group of entrepreneurs. For the next nine weeks, I went through the classes and gave birth to a business. Without their guidance and coaching, though, this road would have been much harder to travel.
  • My friends – what is life without friends? Who else is willing to try and buy a bus ticket to “anywhere” on a drunken Saturday night? When I first approached them with my business idea, each one of them encouraged me. Although there have been some stressful times for me (starting a business is always difficult but rewarding), their support has never wavered.
  • My mentors – I cannot imagine where I’d be without mentors. I’m 46 years old and still need the guidance of others. I can only hope that as I begin to mentor others, that I will be able to have the wisdom to give them that was given to me. I encourage everyone to be a mentor in some form. Whether you coach a kid’s soccer team or you mentor someone new in the business world, take a few hours a month to do this valuable service. My mentors have answered my questions, listened to my concerns and given their valuable time so that I could grow as an entrepreneur.

As you come to the end of this year and reflect on where your business and life has gone, take some time to thank those who helped you get where you are now. Just a quick word of thanks makes a world of difference sometimes.

I’d like to send a call out to all my readers. Is there someone special in your life who has done something for which you’d like to thank them? Send me a comment or an email and I’ll post it on my blog.