Snow covered tree

Winter in Edmonton, Alberta

We’re coming in to a season that is a time of reflection and thanks. It’s not generally when we start new projects or make big life changes. The world goes to sleep and we drowse along with it. A type of hibernation takes place and life slows down.

Then there’s me.

This month my business has begun its start-up phase. It’s an odd time of year to start a business and there’s a lot of frustration, anxiety, humour and excitement that goes along with it. There’s a great deal to be grateful for despite the stress so I thought I’d start this series out in that spirit.

Each week I’ll be posting a different blog about things I’m grateful for in my life. Hopefully these will be business related, but we’ve all had those weeks where our imaginations get stretched to find something good in our lives.

As well, I’d like to invite you, my readers, to email me your own stories about your businesses. Maybe you’ve had a bit of good news you’d like to share or it’s enabled you to have more time to spend with your family. Perhaps you’re finally working at your dream job. Whatever it is, please send me an email and tell me about it. I’ll do my best to post your emails into my blog (please forgive me if I’m busy and don’t get to it right away) to share with others.

So, let’s start the adventure.